A Short Guide To Electrotherapy  

As the name suggests, electrotherapy involves electricity to use as a therapeutic tool to treat pain. It can cover a wide range of treatments primarily including the use of electric current to stimulate nerves and muscles through skin. It is a kind of physical therapy which speeds the healing process and reduces the muscle recovery time. Electrotherapy is usually administered by a professional or via portable TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine, e.g. electrodes garments pain relief products, and MENS (Micro current electrical neuromuscular stimulator).

Let us go through some benefits of electrotherapy electrodes garments.

Targeted pain relief
Painkillers affect the entire nervous system to reduce the pain. However, on contrary electrotherapy targets, the source of the pain and eliminates the side effects of painkillers. You just need to place the electrodes near the source, turn on and start feeling better.

Non-toxic pain reliever
Another best thing about electrotherapy is the absence of toxic analgesics, dangerous additives in this therapy. Natural electrical pulses have been used from ancient times to help relieve pain. Electrotherapy is also a non-addictive way of pain management where there are no chemical or psychological addictions to worry.

Can be used when required
As electrotherapy is a non-toxic way to relieve pain, it can be used as often you need them to relieve chronic or acute pain. If we talk about painkiller, they can be consumed only to a limited dosage each day, irrelevant of the fact whether they relieve pain or not. However, electrotherapy can be used whenever you need them.

Can relieve multiple types of pain
Electrotherapy is a flexible pain management therapy which can be used to treat multiple types of pains including, injury, disease or post-surgery pain. In other words, if you purchase a TENS pain relieving machine or electrodes garments pain relief products, they can be served to treat a variety of pain. However, don’t forget to consult your doctor to make sure that electrotherapy is suitable for the pain symptoms your body is experiencing.

Can be done at home
With easy-to-use TENS machine, you can perform pain management therapy at home. You can even put on self-adhesive electrode garments for a long duration without affecting your work. Made of great quality material they indeed reduce pain. The crux of the matter is you can manage pain at home on your own.

Electrical stimulation is a targeted approach to beat pain that makes you less stressed, induce good sleep and overall feel better.


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