Latest Trends In Managing Pain

Doctors that are working in healthcare industry keep a close eye on the latest trends in pain management to keep themselves updated. Learning about these trends helps the physicians in deciding whether their patients want these new procedures that may bring mainstream in the coming years. Here are some of them:


It includes a range of treatments that make use of the electricity to reduce the pain, improve the circulation and host of other things. The therapy is delivered using TENS units. They are battery powered devices which are connected by the wires to the conductive fabric electrodes that are used on various body parts. Once the electrodes are attached, and the device is turned on, mild impulses of current are sent to the pain affected area. With technology advances, these TENS units have gone wireless so that they can be used with just everywhere the patient wants it to. Users can also make use of the hand-held controller to adjust the level of the stimulation. The therapy started in the US with the treatment of anxiety and depression. The usage of has grown a lot since then. Here are certain types of pains in which the therapy is most effective viz. diabetic nerve pain, migraine headaches, wound healing and stimulation of bone growth.

They are the latest trends in the pain management. In past doctors have tried a kind of pump that allowed the patients to increase and decrease the pain medication based on the level of the pain. One of the biggest challenges that they have faced is their higher price tag.

Some doctors motivate patients to use holistic or the natural ways to cope with the pain, and it is one trend that is seen amongst the doctors who have been prescribing medications earlier. These doctors have been providing patients with the painkillers for even the simplest of the pain.

Stem Cell Procedures
Research suggests that biological solutions are among the hottest trends in managing the pain. It includes usage of stem cells. The doctors inject these cells directly in the tissues around the spine. These cells then stimulate the tissues and help heal injuries in the discs, nerves and another part of the back.

In The End
When it comes to non-invasive therapies TENS unit with conductive fabric electrodes is the best.


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