Types of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Services

When doctors use stem cells to help the body recover itself, the patient’s own cells make an ideal choice. Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells and is a non-painful procedure to extract stem that are beneficial for various medical uses. Doctors across the globe suggest umbilical cord blood banking for its substantial property of possessing valuable stem cells. This cord blood otherwise goes waste after delivery. It is in rarest of the rare cases that the body will reject its own stem cells or react against it. Although our own stem cells are a perfect match to treat various ailments, in case the body itself is making wrong cells, for instance cancer or genetic blood disorder, then matching stem cells are sought from a donor and not the patient’s own cells. This is when public cord blood banking comes into picture. Below is a brief description of both private and public cord blood banking services available in the market.

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Private Cord Blood Banking

Families opt for private cord blood banking services to insure their baby’s future health. A private cord blood bank will collect, process and cryopreserve your newborn’s umbilical cord blood for your family’s future medical use. Hence, we can say that parents opt for private stem cell banking services exclusively for their family use.

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Public Cord Blood Banking

Umbilical cord blood is a rich source of stem cell. When you donate your newborn’s cord blood, it is stored in a public stem cell bank for anyone who needs it. Unlike private cord blood banking services, donating cord blood in public bank doesn’t involve any fee and is a safe and painless process for you and your child because it is done after the umbilical cord is detached from your kid’s body. The majority of patients suffering from severe diseases like cancer need parents like you to donate their baby’s cord blood, so that they can find a right match of stem cell on time.

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Majority of cord blood banks offers both private and public umbilical cord blood banking services. Choosing the type of service you want is solely your decision. However, make sure that the bank you choose is a certified bank and is using advanced technology and equipment to process your baby’s cord blood. Read customer testimonials posted on the bank’s website before hiring their services. In case of any problem, call at the number mentioned on the bank’s website. It is important to have your queries resolved so that you can make an intuitive decision.


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