Ultherapy Treatment: In a Nutshell

The lure to look young forever prompts a number of people to go for surgeries. There are various surgeries available that you can opt for to sculpt your face, eliminate the fine lines & wrinkles from your face, and enhance your features. Though, surgeries give the desired result, there are a few who don’t want to take that way and look for alternative measures to enhance their looks.

If you are one of them, then there’s good news for you. Ultherapy treatment–that doesn’t promotes surgery–helps in getting that rejuvenated skin.

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Ultherapy Treatment

Ultherapy is said to be the only FDA approved non-invasive treatment that helps in lifting the skin present on neck, brow and chin. It uses the process of focused ultrasound to stimulate the collagen deep inside the skin without any interruption. The treatment focuses on the deep skin layers as well as the foundational layers that are taken care of in cosmetic surgery and give support to the skin.

It is the only treatment in which ultrasound energy-based device is used to carryout non-invasive face-lift. By using the ultrasound images, you can see the targeted tissues easily. This helps in targeting the energy to the right spot where it proves to be most effective.

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The ultrasound energy gets deposited beneath the surface of the skin and in the connective tissue layers which helps in stimulating the new collagen production in the body.

Duration of the After Effects

Certain initial results are visible to the patients quite early; however, patients need to wait longer for final skin lifting and tightening results for about 2-3 months. Also, the collagen process continues for longer duration, some results may be visible after six months of the treatment.

Normally the parents who took Ultherapy have fresh collagen even after a year of the therapy. Though, the skin doesn’t last against the ageing process, due to which touch-up treatments are required to match with the ageing process.


Benefits of Ultherapy

• Convenient 60 minute procedure

• Often just a single treatment is required

• Gradual, natural results span over 2-3 months

• No interruption

• Non-invasive, non-surgical treatment

• No special healing required

• Uses ultrasound technology

• Visible as well as invisible results

Final Word

Ultherapy treatment is quite popular across the globe. A number of reputed clinic in NYC are offering this treatment. Thus, if you want to fight the increasing signs of aging and want to age gracefully, then go for Ultherapy treatment in NYC.


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