ADHD: A Disease Lurking Among Us


Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder, popularly known as ADHD, has been affecting generations of children and adults for over five decades now. The fight has not been easy, while the patients suffered due to the many psychological symptoms of the disease, there was a different kind of fight going on in the medical community, a fight on whether to recognize this phenomenon as a medical aliment. That dispute seems to have settled now, with the medical fraternity accepting it as a disease, but the actual progress regarding its treatment has been slow.

Primary care physician ADHD have increased gradually in numbers, yet the methods they use are repetitive and conventional. Increasing the dosage of Ritalin, the hours of meditation or the counseling sessions seem to be the only options available to them.

adult-adhda.jpgADHD, mostly thought to be a disease affecting children, has spread like a wildfire among the American adults. 1 in 20 adults in USA are affected by ADHD and the numbers continue to increase. The diseases symptoms, such a hyperactivity, procrastination, forgetting appointments, frequent mood swings leading to bipolar disorder and a complete breakdown of social interaction abilities, leaves a person as an emotional wreck.

Primary care physicians ADHD have been trying to find out different ways and implement them carefully so that these patients can hope to have a semblance of a good life. But such sort of steps requires massive efforts, both from the patients as well as the physician’s side. It needs a complete overhaul of the long-established ways of living and a strong willpower to negate the forces of ADHD. From creating itineraries to remember important meetings to working on the ability to express, patients and the doctors need to work together closely. Able support should be provided by the families of the patients, who often end up becoming a victim as well an aggravation of the symptoms of this disease.

Recently, some websites and portals have been dedicated to communicate the recent developments all around the world regarding ADHD. They include study materials, research papers and guides to help out the families of such patients. This is a welcome change and it will surely help the millions of people who are directly or indirectly getting affected by this disease all around the globe.


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