Plasma Donation

An Act Worth Its Weight In Gold

Plasma donation is one of the most important acts of kindness a person can do. It is a very important constituent of the body and it performs the vital function of transporting the essential nutrients to all parts of the body so that they can perform the essential functions. Plasma gives the blood its necessary fluidity, missing which many serious diseases can harm an individual.


There is a lot of confusion regarding plasma donation, which contributes towards a lot of inaction. “What are the place where plasma donation happens?” what are the qualities of a plasma donor” and many more. Well a few clicks through the internet will get you all that you need to know about plasma donation, and probably the address of the medical facility nearest to you which carries out plasma donation procedure.

Plasma donation can be carried out by any adult healthy individual. If the doctor allows, then a person can donate plasma as much as 8 times a week. A thorough medical check-up is conducted by the staff at the medical facility to check whether the donor is afflicted with any serious conditions. But it is also the responsibility of the donor to let the medical officials know about any such allergies or other diseases which may hide from plain sight. If the donor is addicted to certain substances or drugs or is on some kind of medication, then it needs to be informed to the medical official.

Plasma donation is a very quick process, with a first time donor needing to spend only 2 hours and subsequent donations being much shorter. The comfort of the donor is of prime concern and most medical facilities provide pick and drop service to the donors. Furthermore, an act of donation can bring in significant amount of money, sometimes even 500 $, depending on the severity of the situation.

Many plasma donors swear by the fact that it is not the money, but the smile that they are able to bring in on the faces of the friends and family of the patient is what makes them go back again and again to the hospital. The million friendships won, the hearts filled with happiness and the hope of survival of a patient, all in a good day’s work.

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