Concentrated Mineral Drops: An Efficient Health Supplement

It is no secret that man has evolved from the elements of earth. Hence, essential fluids in man’s body have an equivalent mineral balance to the major fluids of the Earth. According to researchers, the chemical properties of blood plasma and amniotic fluid are quite similar to seawater. In fact, various complicated medical conditions have witnessed the use of seawater in place of blood plasma during transfusions. This makes seawater a safe and natural alternative to body fluids. Supplements originated from seawater have proved to be an effective way to restore a man’s mineral imbalances.


Concentrated Mineral Drops
Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) is one such efficient health supplement which has been gifted by Utah’s Great Salt Lake. The natural, mineral-rich brine of the inland sea is a true blessing to mankind. With 72 Macro and Trace Minerals, these perfectly balanced minerals are derived through solar evaporation from the pristine northern waters.

Trace minerals are one of the most vital nutrients in a human body. In fact, these work as the catalysts for other vitamins and minerals too. Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) assures the ideal balance of those minerals for developing and maintaining good health.

Intake of CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops helps to conduct our body’s entire electrical system along with the right ionic balance. These mineral drops can be added to juice, food and water. They will not only provide the vital nutrients to the body but also enhance the flavor of your food.

People who take CMD drops regularly have witnessed some amazing effects on their health. They seem to have more energy to do everything. While some say that they feel refreshed throughout the day, others have also recovered from acute illness caused by mineral deficiency.

Great Salt Lake - Utah
Natural springs are likely to be good sources of water. But as every spring flow through different rock formations, each spring has its own mineral content. A particular spring which has high ratio of some elements may have low ratio of certain others.

CMD is derived from the isolated waters of the north arm of the Great Salt Lake which covers almost 6,000 square kilometers in Utah. Originated from a terminal collection of the rivers and streams (whose drainage system itself covers an area of 90,000 square kilometres of the Rocky Mountains), it is a unique and superior source of minerals.

In The End
Being an isolated inland sea, the minerals in the Great Salt Lake have remained comparatively free from the pollutants which have otherwise entered the oceans. This makes the Great Salt Lake much safer than any other source of minerals. Use CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops regularly for greater bio electric health & body mineral balancing.


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