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Plasma Donation-A Simple Act of Rare Kindness

Blood donation is one of the most generous acts that a person can do. It is an act that not only helps save a life, but brings a lot of joy to people. Blood donation is an act that serves during a desperate situation, and creates lot of friendships in the process. It is one of those rare feats invoke trust in humanity. The essential factor that helps answer the question how to donate plasma is knowledge about the entire donation process so that there is not one patient who is left wanting.


Though blood donation is a fairly known procedure, plasma donation is one important medical process which donors have little or zero knowledge about.

Plasma is the liquid component of blood which gives it its essential fluid abilities. Apart from that, it also stores certain important nutrients. Lack of plasma can cause severe diseases like hemorrhages, clots etc. these diseases cause a lot of...

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ADHD: A Disease Lurking Among Us


Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder, popularly known as ADHD, has been affecting generations of children and adults for over five decades now. The fight has not been easy, while the patients suffered due to the many psychological symptoms of the disease, there was a different kind of fight going on in the medical community, a fight on whether to recognize this phenomenon as a medical aliment. That dispute seems to have settled now, with the medical fraternity accepting it as a disease, but the actual progress regarding its treatment has been slow.

Primary care physician ADHD have increased gradually in numbers, yet the methods they use are repetitive and conventional. Increasing the dosage of Ritalin, the hours of meditation or the counseling sessions seem to be the only options available to them.

adult-adhda.jpgADHD, mostly thought to be a disease affecting children, has spread like a...

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Be a Hero for Someone by Donating Plasma at Appropriate Donation Centers!

Life is a gift of God to mankind. We live once and we die once. We should value this precious gift by living it to the fullest and by helping other people who are incapable of living a healthy life. I mean people who are suffering from some disease. If our small contribution can make a smallest difference in someone’s life, it is worth giving a shot. Do you know about life saving medicines? Have you heard about plasma donation? If yes, then did you know where to donate plasma? How to donate plasma? Well, you need to know all this if you want to become a plasma donor. First of all I would like to congratulate you for such a good thought. It’s really an appreciable thing; everyone should acknowledge such humanitarian gestures. You must know how effective your contribution is going to be for humans.


If you are going for plasma donation where and how to donate plasma are the two critical...

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ADHD in Adults-A Disease Hard To Detect

What is ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a neurological type disease that is among the most commonly studied and diagnosed disorder in children and adolescents. Despite being so, the cause in majority of cases remains unknown. However, a general perception is that it is the result of interplay between various genetic and environmental factors.


a) Genetics- studies indicate that genetics determine about 75% of cases. Genetic factors are also believed to be involved in determining whether or not ADHD persists into adulthood.

b) Environment- Environmental factors are believed to play a lesser role. Alcohol intake, Exposure to tobacco smoke during pregnancy can cause problems with central nervous system development and can increase the risk of ADHD.

c) Society- he diagnosis of ADHD can represent family dysfunction or a poor educational system rather than an...

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