TENS Units – The best Alternative to Reduce or Remove Pain  

We suffer from different types of pain in different parts of our body. The pain can be due to injury or because of illness. In some cases, the pain goes from bad to worse and it is difficult to tolerate. As a result, we look for ways to either reduce the pain or eliminate it permanently.

The question is “Is there any a solution to treat chronic pain yourself permanently?” Usually, people start taking painkillers when the pain starts. But, it’s not a permanent solution. Therefore, it is not good to take many painkillers as they can create some other kinds of problems. One of the best drug-free methods is TENS AA Digital Unit.

Let’s get in to details how TENS machine will help you.

TENS Machine
The terms ‘TENS’ stands for ‘Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.’ The machine is easily available on medical stores or online medical portal without prescription. It is safe and easy to use. At medical stores, you can find a wide range of machines available at different prices. You can find some machines for only $30-$40 whereas others for more than $300 to $400. This is because of features. The machine that costs more usually comes equipped with more function of muscle stimulation. They are also known as pain machine.

Forms of TENS Machine
There are two popular forms of Tens machines: Analogue and Digital. TENS unit has also 4 to 5 important components that are used for controlling the pain in different parts of your body. Some of the most important components are amplitude, rate, and power and width.

Difference between digital and analogue machines
There are some differences between analogue and digital TENS Units.
Analogue TENS Machine: This machine is easy to operate and don’t come with any buttons for operation. You can see knobs which help you turn it on. The analogue unit don’t have any screen display. You need to feel the difference after turning the knob. The size differs. It is advisable to choose the size which is comfortable for you, you can carry easily.

Digital TENS Machine: The digital unites are different from the analogue machines. A digital machine has a screen to display the pictures when you push a button. The display enables you to view the changing pictures and hence you can change the applications accordingly. One of the great examples of digital TENS unit is TENS AA Digital Unit.

TENS machines are really a great option to reduce or remove pain from any part of your body. With that, you don’t need to consume painkillers. Therefore, when you have pain in your body, you can opt for a TENS AA Digital Unit.


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